Support Anti-War activists against Police Repression

"It is no crime to protest against warmongers.
It is no crime to complain about police brutality.
It is no crime to complain about dangerous medical malpractice.
Dr. Catherine Wilkerson will fight back. Will you stand with her?"

Our friends from Ann Arbor, Michigan, are involved in an action to support anti-war and anti-Zionist activist, Dr. Catherine Wilkerson. A doctor by training, Dr. Wilkerson was trying to help a middle-aged male activist who had been brought down by the police and was gasping for breath. Just seven days after she filed a police brutality complaint against the University of Michigan police, retaliation followed. Dr. Wilkerson is now charged with two attempted felonies for trying to exercise her medical judgment in support of an anti-war activist.

You can find out more at this website: http://www.defendwilkerson.org/

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