Smashing the Model Minority Myth

Alright don't be mad. I know I am posting this flyer and event notice very late, but I just wanted to throw it down on our blog. This is the reason there was no new post last weekend. Cuz we aren't just talk'in the talk on our blog, but walk'in the walk! Anyways it was a crazy week where the whole March First Solidarity Crew had plenty of late nights, long ass conversations, and busted ass to make this event happen. I was very proud of it cuz we drew out a majority Asian American audience, did a great job presenting everything, and had a great presentation.

Here is a link to someone who dug our event: http://koreanpower999.wordpress.com/2008/02/22/who-says-asian-americans-are-passive-and-docile/

Movin on....

March First Solidarity is celebrating a very important day next week on the UW campus so any of yall that live in the Seattle area should check it out. It is in honor of March 1st 1919 in Korea where the nation revolted against Japanese Colonialism. Come check it out!


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