Jalan Journal...finally!!

Our new pan-Asian journal is finally up. The URL is....*drumrooooolll*

Named after my dead dog which was featured in one of the earlier posts

Jalan in Malay means "to walk" or "street"

So you see Jalan Tupai = Tupai Street; Jalan Petaling = Petaling Street. You get the point. (That street, btw, is a source of my counterfeit brands in KL)

You also say, let's go jalan jalan. Much like we say lets go makan. The two actions balance each other out. Go walk, then eat!

Like this blog, Jalan Journal aims to project a sense of pan-Asian unity and liberation. We take seriously the struggles of everyday Asian folks against white supremacy and capitalism. Sometimes we wage wars against our own elites, who have aligned themselves with the most demeaning and shameful forces to pit us against each other and other working people of color. We project this sense of unity without compromising on gender and queer liberation. Third world feminism inspires us and keeps us rooted, pushing us to always seek renewed visions of freedom.

Anyways, hope folks can go check out the journal and give us some feedback!

Thanks to all the writers and also to our most beloved web-techie!

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