Queer Muslims in tha house, Stand Up!

We blogged about the movie, Jihad for Love, a couple weeks ago here. Democracy Insurgent, the Middle East solidarity group that we are organizing these days, also co-hosted the screening of the movie at the Independent South Asian Film Festival, Tasveer. The director, Parvez Sharma showed up for the screening as well and held a Q and A session afterward, which he seemed to enjoy immensely! Our friend and co-organizer, Afrose, MC-ed the event. It was a very politically sharp and insightful opening to the film, which helped to highlighht the political aspects of the film, and framed it as QUEER MUSLIM film, and not some Irshad-Manji-style apologist kind of movie, which Parvez himself admitted some people mistook his film for. Parvez, btw, loved the opening and said it was the best he had had for the film...impressive!

Attached here is her speech. We are waiting on the video clip to come in. So till then, strain those eyes and read out loud to you, and your queer/queer-loving friends!

Also check out Parvez Sharma's blog here. It records reactions to his film, both heartfelt positivities and nasty negativities.

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